Student Assistant

The Institute of Subsurface Energy Systems is looking for a Student Assistant (HiWi) at the earliest possible point in time to assist the scientific staff in the ongoing research project ’UMAS - Subsurface methanation in aquifers’. The work contract includes approximately 40-50 hours per month.

Field of work:
Performing laboratory measurements (especially Porosity-/Permeability measurements)
Data analysis
Literature surveys

The requirements for the position are basic knowledge in petrophysics/reservoir engineering, some knowledge in programming (Matlab, C++ or ...) and a good technical understanding. If we have awoken your interest, please send your application to (including a short CV):
Sebastian Hogeweg
Institute of Subsurface Energy Systems
Clausthal University of Technology
Agricolastr. 10
38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld
Tel.: +49 5323 72-2293