Cement and Drilling Fluid Laboratory

With a well-equipped laboratory and qualified staffs, the Cement and Drilling fluid Laboratory Center at the Institute of Subsurface Energy Systems, Clausthal University of Technology offers application oriented research and development, practical teaching courses as well as other services for the oil, gas and geothermal industry.

Research and Development

The Cement and Drilling Fluid Laboratory Center
research and development line focuses on supporting
the oil, gas and geothermal industry in finding tailored
solutions related to drilling fluids and cement technical
problems. Sustainable and innovative technologies are
our signature.
Main research and development areas are:

  • Design and testing of drilling and workover fluids under wellbore conditions
  • Design and testing of cement slurries under wellbore conditions
  • Investigation of mud losses when drilling
  • Investigation of both drilling fluids and cement behavior in HPHT conditions
  • Investigation of formation damage when drilling underbalanced


We are dedicated to support the industry in enhancing their operational capabilities and/or research areas to the highest standards. Our potential services include:

  • Investigation and testing of materials in the laboratory (drilling, workover and frac fluids, cement, additives, etc.)
  • Support and assistance in field tests in terms of drilling, workover and frac fluids as well as cementing
  • Cement integrity life cycle evaluation under HPHT environment

Hands on Practical Teaching

We take advantage of natural synergies between research and teaching in an international environment. Teaching is offered in-house as well as at customer locations in both German and English languages with emphasis on:

  • Cement and cementing techniques
  • Drilling and workover fluids