Oil Country Tubular Goods Full Scale Test Center

The OCTG (Oil Country Tubular Goods) Full Scale Testing Center at ITE tests tubulars and devices in full scale under combined service loads and extreme conditions. The state-of-the-art research and third-party testing facility consists of a High Pressure Autoclave, a Medium Pressure Autoclave, High and Medium Capacity Combined Load Frames, a Coiled-Tubing and Fatigue Combined Load Testing Frame and an OCTG Make-Up and Break-Out Center. Each of the facilities has its own unique characteristics.

The testing center, since its establishment along with ITE in 1983, is the only of its kind as part of a university.

OCTG Make-Up and Break-Out Center

OCTG Make-Up and Break-Out Center

Autoclave - High Pressure

RP II – High Pressure Autoclave

Autoclave - Medium Pressure

RP III – Medium Pressure Autoclave

OCTG Connection Test Center I

RP IV – OCTG Connection Test Center

OCTG Connection Test Center II

RP V – OCTG Connection Test Center

Fatigue Testing under Dynamic Load

RP VI – Facility for Fatigue Testing under Dynamic Load