H2 Guide Lower Saxony

Energy System Analysis for the Technical, Economic and Social Integration, Storage and Conversion of Hydrogen in Lower Saxony


01.05.2021 – 30.04.2024


Prof. Dr. Leonhard Ganzer



The project „H2 Guide Lower Saxony“ uses a transdisciplinary approach to investigate and design a hydrogen-based energy storage and conversion system of the future in Lower Saxony. Goals of the investigation are the examination of the technical possibilities and the assessment of judicial, ecological and economical influences on the energy storage and conversion system. During the assessment of technical aspects, the evaluation of the potential for underground cavern storage and porous storage sites to store hydrogen is essential. Furthermore, the operation of the storage sites independently or in a combination with conversion processes for the generation of chemical energy carriers should be considered.

The result is a complete and holistic method for the formation and evaluation of combinable hydrogen, storage and conversion processes, which can be applied to consolidate the strategy of implementation in Lower Saxony. On the one hand the results assist in the development and assessment of hydrogen projects, one the other hand they serve as an estimation of the economic potential in the scenario analysis.

The project makes a significant contribution to the enactment of the North German Hydrogen Strategy. Its target states that at least 500 MW of power from electrolysis should be installed by 2025 (and thus be integrated into the total energy system). The power should reach a value of 5 GW by 2030. The project “H2 Guide Lower Saxony” will provide valuable support in attaining these ambitious goals.