Application FAQ

Important information regarding the winter semester 24/25

The application for the Petroleum Engineering Master Study program for WS2024/2025 will be open on the 25th of May. 
Applicants who require VISA to Germany can complete the preliminary check by the 25th of May "here".

Important note: This is only a preliminary check before the official application to speed up the process for international applicants for their VISA inquiry.

Uploading your documents here means no official application! In order to complete the official application to the Petroleum Engineering Master Study program, please proceed to the official application website and complete your application between the 25th of May and the 15th of July (Time window for applicants with a non-German degree)

Application for Master Study Program Petroleum Engineering

Which requirements are necessary to join the master program?

The admission to the master program in Petroleum Engineering requires a Bachelor degree in Petroleum Engineering or an equivalent qualification. The admission committee decides on the compliance and will advice on adaptation measures if necessary. With a bachelor degree of another technical discipline an admission might be possible under certain preconditions.

If you do not have a bachelor degree in petroleum engineering, but in another comparable discipline, the curriculum of your bachelor program should contain at least 48 ECTS Credit Points (CP) in basic engineering disciplines such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, electrical and mechanical engineering and 25 ECTS CP in deep drilling technology, reservoir and production engineering, and at least 7 ECTS (CP) in geosciences to be eligible.
Should the applicant on the day of the application not yet hold a degree, a minimum of 150 CP is required for the application to be processed. In this case, any admission is only preliminary and the applicant is required to show a graduation certificate when the registration program starts.

For the master program, the proof of English language proficiency is required before commencement of the program. Courses are conducted in English.

Qualification test (to § 5 paragraph 4 AZO-M): The entrance examination committee can conduct a 60-minute oral assessment interview (qualification test) on the minimum professional requirements. If necessary, the requirements will be determined in the light of the interview. The chairman of the committee chairs the interview; two other voting members are assessors. Minutes shall be kept of the results and the course of the interview. The members of the Access Examination Committee may send a representative to the interview after consultation.

If you need a visa for your studys in Germany, please be aware of the rather long application time and inform yourself about the application process at the German embassy or consulate in your country.

What does the requirements of Letter of Accreditation?

The master program "Petroleum Engineering" of the Clausthal University of Technology is a consecutive program to the undergraduate program "Energy and Mineral Resources" containing "Petroleum Engineering" as field of study. The quality and comparability of qualifications of these both programs is certified by the Accreditation Council. To assure this education quality we require the proof of comparable qualifications also from the international applicants.
Such proof of comparable qualifications in form of a certificate or letter of accreditation of the applicant’s educational program (NOT the institution!) should be available with the faculty of the applicant. The submission of a copy of it or at least of a letter issued by the faculty that the bachelor program of the applicant is accredited is required for his eligibility.

Which dates have to be considered?

For holders of a German Bachelor's degree the application period for the master’s program starts on 25th May and ends on 1st October every year. For applicants with a non-German Bachelor's degree the application period starts on 25th May and ends on 15th July. Documents must arrive at the international center latest on the day the deadline ends. It is recommended to send all documents as early as possible.

Which language is the official language of the master program?

The medium of instruction for the Master Petroleum Engineering is English. To be eligible the candidates must provide a proof of their English proficiency:

  • The native English speakers must prove that English was medium of instruction during their secondary school education
  • All other applicants must provide an evidence of English proficiency as for instance English test certificates of TOEFL iBT with at least 85 points, TOEIC with at least Listening and Reading 865, Speaking 170, Writing 165 points, IELTS with at least 6.5 points, or Cambridge University: First Certificate in English (FCE) at least Grade C, to be eligible.

What is the fee for checking international certificates?

Clausthal University of Technology charges a fee of 75 EUR for processing international certificates. As an international applicant you must pay this amount prior to your application. Applicants from China, Vietnam and Mongolia pay a fee of 55 EUR upon presentation of their APS certificate. The following groups of applicants are exempt from the fee:

  • Applicants from EU countries
  • Students participating in the Erasmus+ program
  • Students participating in a cooperation program
  • Holders of publicly funded German scholarships (e.g. DAAD)
  • Students transferring from another German university
  • Applicants with a written assessment by an education authority with an entry qualification for a German university

How does the fee have to be payed?

Please pay the fee of 55 or 75 EUR, respectively, to the following account:

Receiver: TU Clausthal (IZC)
IBAN: DE55 2505 0000 0152 0002 38
Swift/BIC Code: NOLADE2H
Reference: Cost center 3002 0350, first name, surname, date of birth

Your application can only be processed after the amount has been received on the TU Clausthal account. Checks, Western Union, cash or credit card payments can not be accepted.

Do I have to pay a semester fee?

In case you are accepted for the master program, you have to pay a semester fee. Please check the official website of the University of Technology Clausthal for the actual fee.

How do I get a student visa?

Please contact the German embassy or consulate in your home country regarding the visa process. Normally they give all relevant information via internet. Be aware that the visa process sometimes needs about 3-4 month.

Can I apply for the master program only online?

Yes, the application can only be submitted via the online application portal. The necessary documents have to be sent by mail.

How do I know if my application was successful?

Students that submitted a complete application within the specified deadline will be informed by a letter of acceptance or a letter of rejection of the admissions committees’ decision.

Where should I send my documents?

Holders of a German Bachelor’s degree have to send their documents to:

Technische Universität Clausthal
Postfach 1253
38670 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

The address for applicants with a non-German degree is:

Internationales Zentrum Clausthal (IZC)
Graupenstraße 11
D-38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld

Do I have to send my original documents?

No, please do not send your original documents! A certified copy of your documents is sufficient.

Does Clausthal University offer scholarships?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer scholarships. Please check the pages of DAAD, for potential scholarships.

When does the master program begin?

The master program in petroleum engineering commences only in winter semester. An inscription in summer semester is not possible.

Which documents are necessary for application?

Following documents are required for application:

  • Curriculum vitae (Lebenslauf)
  • Motivation letter
  • certified copy of secondary school-leaving certificate with a list of results and a translation in German or English
  • certified copies and translations (German or English) of certificate of bachelor's degree (if applicable) and transcript of academic record
  • letter of proof that the program of bachelor studies is accredited (for further information please contact the university which issued your Bachelor degree)
  • evidence of English proficiency - TOEFL iBT with at least 85 points, TOEIC with at least Listening and Reading 865, Speaking 170, Writing 165 points, IELTS with at least 6.5 points, or Cambridge University: First Certificate in English (FCE) at least Grade C.
  • certificate for practical training / work experience (optional)
  • reference letter or evidence of relevant professional experience (optional)
  • 1 passport photograph (name on the backside)
  • filled Checklist with choice of specialization (Reservoir Management, Drilling/Production). Please attach a printed copy of the Checklist to your application documents
  • In case you hold or study towards a non-German bachelor’s degree, a transfer confirmation of the fees paid to the International Center Clausthal

I have received my letter of admission. How do I register?

Please log into your TU Clausthal application profile and continue the registration process.