History of the Institute

History of the institute

Über das Institute of Subsurface Energy Systems

Today’s Institute of Petroleum Engineering was established in 1943, at the same time the Institute of Oil Research in Hannover was established. It was the third institute of mining about geology at that time in Clausthal. Teaching area was about oil and mining industry since 1920. Prof. Wilhelm Schulz, Prof. Dr.-Eng. habil. Hans Runge and Prof. Dr.-Eng. Hubert Becker had promoted the development of the institute during their time. The reason of establishing two institutes in Clausthal-Zellerfeld and Hannover about oil industry development, production and processing of petroleum was the increasingly growing meaning of oil for the energy industry. Also more valuable the institute history is connected with time, which makes the value of oil and gas more meaningful for national economy and the public central concern.

In 1968 the study of drilling technology and oil and gas production were offered, building own institute was under planning. In 1972 the new institute for drilling technology and oil and gas production was ready in Feldgrabengebiet area.

In 1973 the first so-called oil crisis was caused by the spectacular oil price increase and part of OPEC’s research boom for oil development of drilling technology, which enhanced exploration and oil recovery. During the next a few years many projects about flooding with polymer, tenside and carbon dioxide were developed in the Institute of Petroleum Engineering. Other research projects were about borehole and drilling technology for coal mining. The institute were equipped modern through research. The industries involved during the cooperation research, such as with BMFT.

In 1975 Dr.-Ing. Claus Marx became the director of institute. On his initiative the second professorship was gained. In 1979 Dr. mont. Günter Pusch became the second professor in Institute. This institute structure should not then have extra position or be designed by countries media. In 1983 the institute was divided into two independent teaching and research institutes.

  • Department of Drilling Technology under Prof. C. Marx
  • Department of Reservoir Engineering under Prof. G. Pusch

In 1997 the Institute changed name for better arrangement of changed teaching content:

Institute of Petroleum Engineering (ITE)

In 1999 Prof. Marx retired.

In 2001 Dr. mont. Peter Reichetseder took over the position of Prof. Marx. The two departments were changed names. 

  • Department of Oil/Gas Production and Gas Supply under Prof. Dr. mont. P. Reichetseder
  • Department of Reservoir Engineering under Prof. G. Pusch

In the future the industries should plan the structure change by themselves according to the allowance:

  • Oil: removal in inland and concentration on lower cost field, exploration in other countries to develop reserves
  • Gas: Exploration other countries to develop reserves Development of underground gas storage and position as gas supplier 
  • Production and import
  • Transmission and distribution
  • Construction and operation of underground gas storage