Geothermal Systems

The Institute of Subsurface Energy Systems of Clausthal University of Technology is actively conducting research in the development and exploitation of geothermal repositories. 

Geothermal Energy describes the energy stored in the form of heat in the subsurface. This form of renewable, thermal energy can be extracted by geothermal wells and harvested by geothermal plants, where the thermal energy is transformed to electric energy or used indirectly for district heating applications. The research of the Institute of Subsurface Energy Systems is focused on contributing solutions to establishing efficient and safe communications between the surface and the geothermal reservoir, and the evaluation and assessment of geothermal repositories.  

Current flagship projects at the Institute are focused on raising the attractiveness to exploit geothermal energy by improving the drilling processes and methods and is actively developing customized drilling solutions tailored to the needs of geothermal field exploration and field development.

In addition, considerable scientific efforts are undertaken to explore for geothermal energy. For this purpose, the University of Technology Clausthal received authorization form the German mining authority “Landesamt für Bergbau, Energie und Geologie” on March 1st 2018 to explore for geothermal energy in the region Großburgwedel near Hannover. The goal of the investigation is the scientific confirmation of the economical extraction for geothermal energy.



Current and closed projects in this area of recent years.