Investigation of the suitability of gas storages for hydrogen storage


15.03.2021 - 29.02.2024


Prof. Dr. B. Lehmann (DMT)
Prof. Dr. L. Ganzer (TU Clausthal)


Gas storage facilities play an important role in the implementation of the National Hydrogen Strategy. The storage (pore and cavern storage) must be checked for their suitability for hydrogen compatibility and then monitored. Because a list of criteria for testing the suitability of possible storage systems does not yet exist, this project should be groundbreaking and relevant for regulatory authorities that have to decide on permits, as well as of decisive interest for future operators with regard to the necessary tests and measurements.

The project focuses on measurements and procedures that are intended to qualify the integrity of the gas storage facility. The suitability of the drilling, the completion and the cement are part of the technical integrity of a storage facility. Above all, geological integrity depends on the suitability of the overburden for hydrogen storage. As part of the project, diffusion measurements and gas mixing tests are to be carried out in experiments, which are future-oriented for the suitability and safety of the storage facilities concerned. Among other things, the molecular diffusion of hydrogen and methane in storage rock samples will be measured. The result is the development of a methodology for determining relevant key figures, which should be applicable to potential storage locations and existing storage facilities. In addition, an investigation program will be worked out in the course of the project, which can be used to test the suitability of a location for gas storage. Monitoring measures are also developed to ensure safe operation of the storage facilities.


Julia Michelsen

Sponsors and Partners

This project is a cooperation with the DMT of the TÜV Nord AG.