Rafael Villablanca Ahues

Scientific Staff


Petroleum Production Systems


  • 2017 Project assistant for Crystallization Processes
  • 2019 Chemical Engineering degree
  • 2019 Master in Science of Chemical Engineering
  • Experience in high pressure measurement techniques, theoretical and practical.

Fields of Responsibility

  • Coordination of Spanish and Latin-American research collaborations
  • Teaching assistant on geothermal energy production master course
  • Supervision of bachelor and master work
  • Fluid phase equilibrium and precipitation, practical measurements and theoretical background.
  • Process design and simulation

Fields of Research

  • Phase behavior, interactions and properties of systems containing hydrogen
  • Carbon dioxide sequestration
  • Thermodynamic and transport behavior of fluid phases
  • Precipitation and crystallization


Conference works

  • CCHIQ 2017, Santiago, Chile, “Equilibrio liquido+vapor a alta presión de sistemas binarios [CO2+Hexanal] y [CO2+Etil-2-Metilbutirato]”
  • EQUIFASE 2018, Cordoba, Argentina: “New apparatus for liquid-vapour equilibria measurement of interfacial tension for pure components at low temperature and elevated pressures”
  • PROSCIBA 2019, Campinas, Brazil: “Transport properties for SC-CO2-Water systems under reservoir conditions “and “Synthesis and solubility measurement of 2,3-dichloro-1,4- naphtoquinone derivatives in supercritical carbon dioxide”.

Published articles



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