New bachelor degree programme!

Geo-Energy Systems – The resources of our earth

Studying for the energy of the future

Classic engineering disciplines are combined with specialist knowledge over the geo-underground to one on the sustainable use of our resource-focused studies combined.

The energy transformation can only be achieved if we learn to use all of our planet's resources responsibly. In any case, engineers are needed to develop new, more efficient processes to improve existing methods and to use innovative technologies (hydrogen and geothermal energy). The broad spectrum of scientific and engineering disciplines at the TU Clausthal is reflected in this course and can be deepened in the independently completed seminar and final theses according to the respective interest. In addition to the curriculum, there are various opportunities to get involved, e.g. as a research assistant, in international competitions, in broad-based university sports, student activities and university administration bodies.

The graduates are offered a wide range of activities in the field of energy supply, in which work is carried out with fluid energy carriers. The entire oil and gas industry is in a state of upheaval. Specialists with a modern orientation are sought.

The focus of this course is in particular

  • the conversion of processes in the oil and gas industry
  • the transport, processing and storage of natural gas, biogas and hydrogen (sector coupling)
  • the mobility sector (hydrogen refueling)
  • the implementation of digital methods for the exploration of the geo-underground and for process optimization
  • Working in planning offices, for example in the field of geothermal energy
  • the production of plant components, measurement, control and regulation technology.

In addition, the training in relevant non-technical subjects (law and economics) opens up good opportunities in approval authorities or in preparation for professional self-employment.