Ying Xiong



Rock Mechanics


  • 2018 M.Sc. Geological Resources and Geological Engineering, Southwest Petroleum University, China
  • 2015 B.E Resources Exploration Engineering, Southwest Petroleum University, China


  • Underground storage of renewable energy
  • Reactive transport modelling of reservoir diagenesis
  • Carbonate sedimentology


  • Xiong Y, Tan X C, Zuo Z F, Zou G L, Liu M J, Liu Y, Liu L, Xiao D & Zhang J. (2019). Middle Ordovician multi-stage penecontemporaneous karstification in North China: Implications for reservoir genesis and sea level fluctuations. Journal of Asian Earth Sciences, 183: 103969 (14 pages). DOI: 10.1016/j.jseaes.2019.103969
  • Zuo Z F, Xiong Y, He W, Yang B, Ren L, Wen H B, Liu Y, Liu L & Tan X C. (2019). Diagenesis and Porosity Evolution of the Subsalt Member 5 of Majiagou Formation Reservoir in the Central Ordos Basin. Geological Science and Technology Information, 38(05): 155-164 (10 pages). DOI: 10.19509/j.cnki.dzkq.2019.0516 (In Chinese with English abstract)
  • Xiong Y, Wu K Y, Tan X C, Zhang Y S, Yang B, Ren L, Liu L, Liu Y, Qiao Y P & Wang X F. (2018). Influence of lake-level fluctuation on the mixed saline lacustrine carbonate reservoir: A case study of the upper member of Paleogene Lower Ganchaigou Formation in the Yingxi area of Qaidam Basin. Journal of Palaeogeography (Chinese Edition), 20(05): 855-868 (14 pages). DOI: 10.7605/gdlxb.2018.05.060 (In Chinese with English abstract)
  • Xiong Y, Li L, Wen C X, Hou Y D, Xiao D, Zhong Y, Nie W C & Cao J. (2016). Characteristics and genesis of Ordovician Ma51+2 sub-member reservoir in northeastern Ordos Basin. Oil & Gas Geology, 37(05): 691-701 (11 pages). DOI: 10.11743/ogg20160509 (In Chinese with English abstract)


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