Mud Sample Analysis

Mud Samples

  • Density and specific weight (hydrometer & pressurized mud balance)
  • Water loss time using (Ring-apparatus)
  • Amount of filtrate, filter cake thickness, filter cake texture (BAROID filter press: room temperature (T=RT; pmax=0.7 MPa) & HPHT (Tmax=200 °C; pmax=4.2 MPa))
  • Salt and lime content of the filtrate (burette titration method)
  • Drainage time, remaining drainage time
    (marsh funnel)
  • Solid content (sieving and drying)
  • Sand content (sieve with 0.05 mm mesh size and evaporation method)
  • pH value (pH meter)
  • Flow behavior (apparent and plastic viscosity), gel strength (Fann-VG-Viscometer), HPHT Viscometer
  • Thermal stress (BAROID roller oven, Tmax=220 °C; pmax=7 MPa)
  • Blending (IKA agitator & Hamilton Beach mixer)

Investigation of Dry Residual Sand

  • Lime content, clay content
  • Natrium and potassium content

Frac Fluid Investigation

  • Fluid characteristics (density, specific weight, pH value, flow behavior, gel strength)
  • Amount of filtrate (filter press, room temperature, p=0.7 MPa, HPHT (Tmax=200 °C; pmax=4.2 MPa))

Sand and Clay

  • Particle size distribution (Sieve analysis, laser granulometer)
  • Particle/grain form (microscopic analysis)
  • Flame photometer – Na/K/Li