Comparison of the dynamic and step-by-step method for the measurement of capillary threshold pressure of caprocks

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When underground gas storages are constructed in aquifers or when gas storages in depleted fields are operated above the initial reservoir pressure it is required to investigate the caprock integrity. Usually this includes drilling out caprock samples and measuring its capillary threshold pressure in the laboratory. Different measuring methods are suggested in the literature, which differ in timing, accuracy and representativeness. In this thesis it is asked to perform such measurements based on two different methods, compare the results, conclude advantages/disadvantages and their representativeness.


Based on the above introduction, the proposed thesis should include the following:

  • Review the literature on caprock threshold pressure and measurement methods
  • Perform threshold measurements on two or more samples by using the dynamic method
  • Perform threshold measurements on two or more samples by using the step-by-step method
  • Compare the results; conclude advantages/disadvantages of each method and its representativeness


Boulin, P.F et al., 2013. Sealing efficiency of caprock: Experimental investigation of entry pressure measurements methods. Marine and Petroleum Geology 48 (2013) 20-30


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