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For holders of a German Bachelor's degree the application period for the master’s program starts on 15th April and ends on 15th October. For applicants with a non-German Bachelor's degree the application period starts on 15th April and ends on 15th May. Documents must arrive at the international center latest on the day the deadline ends. It is recommended to send all documents as early as possible.

Should the applicant on the day of the application not yet hold a degree, a minimum of 150 CP is required for the application to be processed. In this case any admission is only preliminary and the applicant is required to show a graduation certificate once the program starts.

Please also bear in mind potential processing times for visas.

Further information can be found on the website of the International Center ClausthalFor the assessment of the admission requirements of your application a processing fee is charged by the IZC. 

Beginning of the course: 1st October



The application period for holders of a German Bachelor's degree is from 15.04 - 15.10

For applicants with a non-German Bachelor's degree, the application period is from 15.04 - 15.05 

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