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Bachelor of Science - Energie und Rohstoffe / Petroleum Engineering


The course program "Energy and Raw Materials - Petroleum Engineering" is designed for high school graduates who are interested in higher education in the area of oil and gas recovery and energy supply. This bachelor program is for a duration of six semesters and a successful completion qualifies students for employment as engineer in the petroleum and any other related industry. The Bachelor of Science Energy and Raw Materials - Petroleum Engineering graduates are qualified to take up position of an Engineer in the petroleum industry. They will be able to contribute to the exploration, evaluation and development of hydrocarbon reservoirs, drilling, commercial production and processing of the produced hydrocarbons into a marketable quality, as well as storage and transportation of these commodities to the customers.

The bachelor program contains:

  • Basic studies in mathematics, engineering, natural and geo-science
  • Basic studies in economics, law and communication
  • Special studies in petroleum engineering

The language of instruction during the basic studies is German. The language of instruction during the special studies is English. Eight to twelve weeks of industrial internships enable the students an insight into the real working life as well as practical application of knowledge gained during the course of study. As a prerequisite to obtaining the B.Sc. Petroleum Engineering degree, examination in all courses offered must be passed and a bachelor thesis submitted.



Bettina Jenei


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