Faisal Mehmood

Scientific Staff


Rock Mechanics


  • DGMK-Projekt 814 mit 3 Industriepartnern (EMPG, Neptune Energy Deutschland GmbH und Wintershall Dea): Numerische und modellphysikalische Untersuchungen zu innovativen Frac-Technologien mit alternativem Frac-Fluid für Tight-Gas-Formationen auch bei Re-Frac-Optionen. (2018-2020)

Fields of Research

  • Applied rock mechanics
  • Reservoir stimulation without any chemical components
  • Constitutive laws and THMC-coupled models for rocks
  • Multiphysical geo-processes, software development and numerical modelling


  • Liao J, Gou Y, Feng W, Mehmood F, Xie Y & Hou Z (2020) Development of a full 3D numerical model to investigate the hydraulic fracture propagation under the impact of orthogonal natural fractures. Acta Geotechnica, 15(2),279 (16 pages). DOI:10.1007%2Fs11440-019-00862-2
  • Cao C, Liao J, Hou Z, Xu H, Mehmood F & Wu X (2020) Utilization of CO2 as Cushion Gas for Depleted Gas Reservoir Transformed Gas Storage Reservoir. Energies, 13,576 (21 pages). DOI:10.3390/en13030600
  • Cao C, Liu H, Hou Z, Mehmood F & Liao J, Feng W (2020) A Review of CO2 Storage in View of Safety and Cost-Effectiveness. Energies,13,600 (46 pages). DOI:10.3390/en13030600
  • Liao J, Hou Z, Mehmood F & Feng W (2019) A 3D approach to study the interaction between hydraulic and natural fracture. Environmental Earth Science,78,681 (18 pages). DOI:10.1007%2Fs12665-019-8699-9
  • Hou Z, Mehmood F (Speaker) & Liao J (2019) DGMK-Project 814: Numerical and Model-Physical Investigations on Innovative Frac-Technologies with Alternative Frac-Fluids for Tight Gas Formations and Re-fracturing Options. DGMK/ÖGEW Frühjahrstagung, 25.-26.04. 2019 in Celle.
  • Hou Z & Mehmood F (corresponding author) (2018) Numerical simulation of innovative fracking without water or chemical additives. European Geologist Journal, 46 (7 pages).


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