Dr.-Ing. Nelson Perozo

Scientific Staff


Drilling and Production


  • Since 2017 PostDoc and assistant lecturer at the Technical University of Clausthal
  • 2016 Dr. -Ing. - Topic: „Experimental investigation on Coiled Tubing Materials under extreme load conditions“. TU Clausthal, Germany
  • 2008 M.Sc. in Petroleum Engineering specialized in “Natural Gas Supply”. TU Clausthal, Germany
  • 2003 B. Eng. in Mechanical Engineering. UNET, Venezuela

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Fields of Responsibility

  • Testing and analysis of tubular goods for oil and gas industry - grinding resistance, sealability and limit envelope detection (ISO 13679, ISO 10400, API 5C3)
  • Testing and analysis of components under high pressure and high temperature
  • Testing of coiled tubings under bending and combined stresses
  • Oil and gas production


  • Collaboration at the Full Scale Testing Center
  • Hydrogencompability of gas distribution sytems

Fields of Research

  • Oil and gas production
  • OCTG


  • Advanced Production
  • Erdöl- und Erdgasproduktion
  • Grundlagen Erdgastransport und -verteilung


  • Paper
    • Well Integrity in the Times of ISO 13679 and Premium Connections: Experiences and Way Forward. (SPE-187597). O. Grijalva, N. Perozo, J. Holzmann, C. Paz, J. Oppelt. SPE Kuwait Oil & Gas Show and Conference 2017. Kuwait City, Kuwait.
    • Automated While-Drilling Telemetry Systems Performance Analysis and Selection Optimization in Underbalanced Drilling Operations (2017-OMC). P. Huseynov, O. Bello, N. Perozo, J. Holzmann, J. Oppelt. 13th Offshore Mediterranean Conference and Exhibition 2017. Ravenna, Italy.
    • OCTG Advancements in Casing Drilling: Where we have been and where are we going?. (SPE-185102). O. Grijalva, J. Holzmann, J. Oppelt, N. Perozo, C. Paz, A. Asgharzadeh. SPE Oklahoma City Oil and Gas Symposium 2017. Oklahoma City. USA.
    • Technological Improvements in OCTG Premium Casing Connections and Advancements in Design Paradigms to Address the Challenges Present During the Exploitation of Unconventional Hydrocarbon Resources: A Critical Review. (SPE-183199). O. Grijalva, J. Holzmann, N. Perozo, C. Paz, J. Oppelt. Abu Dhabi International Petroleum Exhibition and Conference 2016. Abu Dhabi, UAE.
    • Qualitative analysis of drill string torsional vibration preventive measures: Present status and future possible solutions. (SPE-184381). A. Asgharzadeh, T. Yaqoob, O. Bello, N. Perozo, C. Paz, J. Holzmann, O. Grijalva, J. Oppelt. SPE Nigeria Annual International Conference & Exhibition 2016. Lagos, Nigeria.
    • A novel testing facility for coiled tubing fatigue evaluation under deep drilling conditions. (SPE-180483). N. Perozo, C. Paz, C. Teodoriu, J. Holzmann, O. Grijalva, J. Oppelt. SPE Western regional meeting 2016. Anchorage, Alaska.
    • Experimental validation of methods to simulate make up processes in oil country tubular goods. O. Grijalva, J. Holzmann, N. Perozo, C. Paz. Proceedings of the International Conference and Expo in Oil & Gas 2015. Dubai, UAE.
    • Estimation of CT fatigue strength using lifecycle simulations. N. Perozo, C. Paz, J. Holzmann, J. Oppelt. 16th International Scientific and Practical Coiled Tubing, Hydraulic Fracturing and Well intervention Conference. ICoTA 2015. Moscow, Russia.
    • A comparative study of fatigue testing machines with application to OCTG. C. Teodoriu, N. Perozo, J. Holzmann. SCAD 2013, Ghent University, Belgium.
  • Journals
    • A Simplified framework and Performance Analysis for while-drilling telemetry systems in Underbalanced Drilling Operations. O. Bello, N. Perozo, P. Huseynov, A. Asgharzadeh, O. Grijalva, J. Holzmann, J. Oppelt. Environmental Earth Sciences. (2018) 77:512. Springer-Verlag GmbH Germany.
    • High-End Testing Frame for Coiled Tubings. N. Perozo, C. Paz, J. Holzmann, J. Oppelt. Coiled Tubing Times – Issue 57. (2016). Moscow, Russia.


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