The Institute of Petroleum Engineering participation at the SPE Europec featured at the 80th EAGE Conference and Exhibition, held in Copenhagen from the 11th to 14th of June 2018.

A group of undergraduate and graduate students represented the ITE and TU Clausthal at the SPE Europec 2018 conference at the Bella Center in Copenhagen, Denmark.

The SPE EUROPEC, part of the EAGE event, is a three-day conference and exhibition which is the largest and most comprehensive multi-disciplinary geoscience event in the world. The event covers research and development in geology, geophysics, petroleum/reservoir engineering, environmental engineering, petrophysics and geochemistry with parallel E-poster and presentation sessions. This year, in its 80thedition, more than 6000 participants and more than 350 exhibitors from all over the world – almost 100 countries – were in attendance and discussed the latest technical developments, innovations and achievements in geoscience.

The ITE contributed to the technical program with five SPE paper presentations: Hendrik Födisch, PhD candidate, presented his work “SPE-190769-MSOptimizing Laboratory cEOR Flooding Evaluations to Assess Initial Oil Saturation and Mobility Ratio”, Muhammad Tahir, PhD candidate, presented his current research “SPE-190796-MS Impact of Sulphates Presence During Application of Smart Water Flooding Combined with Polymer Flooding”, Florian Hauhs, master student, presented his work leading to his bachelor thesis “SPE-190815-MS Novel Evaluation of Foam and Immiscible Gas Flooding in Glass-Silicon-Glass Micromodels”, Sebastian Hogeweg, master student, presented his work leading to his bachelor thesis “SPE-190872-MS Evaluation of Aluminium Oxide and Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles for EOR Applications” and Alexander Rock, ITE graduate presented his work leading to his master thesis ”SPE-190807-MS Tertiary Low Salinity Waterflooding LSWF in Sandstone Reservoirs: Mechanisms, Synergies and Potentials in EOR Applications”. The PhD candidates were presented at the E-poster sessions and the students were selected for the presentation sections.

Furthermore, co-authors of the aforementioned publications: Hiwa Abdullah, ITE graduate, Eugen Hoffmann, master student, Dr. Ing. Rafael Hincapie, ITE alumni and graduate and Prof. Dr. Leonhard Ganzer should be mentioned for their work and support. 

In addition to the technical program, socializing and networking events were organized by the EAGE. The ITE students participated at the Student Evening allowing them and other students, graduates and junior employees from the conference to exchange their professional experiences over a unique dinner at the “Aquarium”, Tivoli Garden. 


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