Offer for a Bachelor thesis “Downhole tool design”

High temperature geothermal wells in hard rock formations constitute extreme conditions on

downhole drilling tools. For the novel 6 .” hydraulic hammer being developed within the OBH

project at the ITE, the specifications from common standards, such as API and TH Hill, to ensure

industry approval must be met. The objective of this thesis is to describe:

• Best common practices for downhole tool design

• Interchangeability with other commercial products (API and non-proprietary connections)

• Fatigue and overload protection approaches

• Load rating

• Common inspection procedures

• Listing of specifications

Interested candidates should have a good aptitude for downhole tools and a basic understanding of

mechanical concepts.

PDF download

Supervision: Dr. Ing. Javier Holzmann

Place of Work: Clausthal

Commencement: January 2018


M. Sc. Erik Feldmann

Institut für Erd.l- und Erdgastechnik

Tel: (49) 5323-723912


Nachrichtenalter: 20.12.2017 21:13


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