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Master - Geothermal Engineering



Please note, no applications will be accepted. Please see our new specialization Deep Geothermal Systems as part of the master of science petroleum engineering for application.


General Informations

As geothermal energy is available in many areas of the world, it is an increasingly important alternative to help lower the dependency on energy imports from other countries and to develop a broader base in the future energy mix. There are many different applications of geothermal energy to be had, from direct heating to power generation, depending on the temperature available in the subsurface.

To further develop the systems and processes, well-educated experts are needed. The course structure provides students with the necessary knowledge about the geothermal reservoirs, how to characterise them, and what technologies are available to extract the energy from the reservoir. In addition, students will be equipped with the fundamental principles of managing geothermal energy projects effectively in order to maximise their commerciality, within their operational constraints.


The goal of the programme is to equip graduates with a broad spectrum of skills, methods and knowledge in the sense of a problem-oriented approach. Interdisciplinary competence and internationality form the basis of this program.

The objective of the curriculum is to train students to become geothermal engineers who are able to understand and implement current technical concepts of the geothermal industry. There is a strong emphasis on being able to work in and to lead multidisciplinary teams.  Thus, project management skills are taught along with economic analysis so that geothermal energy projects can achieve commerciality while meeting legal, social and environmental challenges. The curriculum provides students with an understanding of:

  • Basic concepts of exploration of geothermal resources, the characterisation of geothermal reservoirs, creating wells and modelling their performance, and the production of heat and power;
  • Interaction and dependency of subsurface reservoir parameters with surface facilities;
  • Integrated management techniques to deliver a geothermal energy project;
  • Present and future potential of geothermal energy in the global energy resource portfolio.


With an academic degree of Master of Science in Geothermal Engineering, the graduates will develop advanced, science-based, professional skills and knowledge for application-oriented research and/or task management.


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