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FAQ – Application for Master Petroleum Engineering



  • How are the chances to get a job after the program?

    The chance to get a job offer with petroleum R&D companies depends on your performance during the program and is quite good as they always looking for young petroleum engineers.
  • Am I eligible?

    You are eligible if you have a Bachelor degree in Petroleum Engineering or a related technical Bachelor. This can be Mechanical Eng., Chemical Eng., Mining Eng. or Geoscience for example. Please be aware of our minimum requirements.

To be eligible, if you are not graduated as Petroleum Engineer, the curriculum of your bachelor program should contain at least 50 ECTS Credit Points (CP) in basic engineering disciplines like mathematics, physics, chemistry, electrical and mechanical engineering and 25 ECTS CP in petroleum geosciences, deep well drilling technology, petroleum reservoir and production engineering.

The admission board of the Master Program Petroleum engineering will prove your eligibility by means of the transcript of grades and additionally by using of other appropriate criteria as for example description of the modules, contents of disciplines and exams. Applicants must provide such information on request of the admission board.

  • What does the requirement of Letter of Accreditation mean?

The admission procedures to the undergraduate and graduate programs of the Clausthal University of Technology comply with the educational laws of Germany and the Federal Country of Lower Saxony.  To ensure quality and comparability of qualifications higher education programs must meet the quality-level requirements of the Accreditation Council (Appendix 5, section 8.3 of the General Exam Regulations of the Clausthal University of Technology from 28 April 2015)

The master program "Petroleum Engineering" of the Clausthal University of Technology is a consecutive program to the undergraduate program "Energy and Mineral Resources" containing "Petroleum Engineering" as field of study. The quality and comparability of qualifications of these both programs is certified by the Accreditation Council. To assure this education quality we require the proof of comparable qualifications also from the international applicants.

Such proof of comparable qualifications in form of a certificate or letter of accreditation of the applicant’s educational program (NOT the institution!) should be available with the faculty of the applicant. The submission of a copy of it or at least of a letter issued by the faculty that the bachelor program of the applicant is accredited is required for his eligibility.

  • Medium of instruction:

    The medium of instruction for the Master Petroleum Engineering is English.

To be eligible the candidates must provide a proof of their English proficiency:

The native English speakers must prove that English was medium of instruction during their secondary school education

Applicants who’s mother tongue is not English, but who is graduated in an English taught bachelor program, must provide an official letter confirming this.

All other applicants to be eligible must provide an evidence of English proficiency as for instance English test certificates of TOEFL iBT with at least 79 points, TOEIC four skills with at least 1050 points, or IELTS with at least 6.5 points.

  • Processing fee for checking international certificates

    Clausthal University of Technology charges a fee of 75 EUR for processing international certificates. As an international applicant you must pay this amount prior to your application. Applicants from China, Vietnam and Mongolia pay a fee of 55 EUR upon presentation of their APS certificate. The following groups of applicants are exempt from the fee:

- Applicants from EU countries

- Students participating in the Erasmus+ program

- Students participating in a cooperation program

- Holders of publicly funded German scholarships (e.g. DAAD)

- Students transferring from another German university

- Applicants with a written assessment by an education authority with an entry qualification for a German university

  • How to pay the processing fee: 

Please pay the fee of 55 or 75 EUR, respectively, to the following account:

Receiver: TU Clausthal (IZC)


IBAN: DE55 2505 0000 0152 0002 38

Swift/BIC Code: NOLADE2H

Please do not fail to indicate the following information as designated use:

Cost center 3002 0350, first name, surname, date of birth

  • Important:

- Please do not fail to enclose the proof that you have transferred the complete fee with your application, otherwise your application will NOT be processed.

- Your application can only be processed after the amount has been received on the TU Clausthal account.

- Checks, Western Union, cash or credit card payments can not be accepted

  • Semester fee:

Currently (December 2017), the semester fee for all students is 185 €. Please check this website for the latest information regarding the fee.

  • How do I get a student visa?

    Please contact the German embassy or consulate in your home country regarding the visa process. Normally they give all relevant information via internet. Be aware that the visa process sometimes needs about 3-4 month. To accelerate the visa process we give the list of the admitted candidates to the officials in Germany.
  • Where should I send my documents?
holders of a German Bachelor's degreewith a non-German Bachelor's  degree 
Technische Universität ClausthalInternationales Zentrum Clausthal (IZC)
Postfach 1253Graupenstraße 11
38670 Clausthal-ZellerfeldD-38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld 



  • Can I apply for the summer semester?

    No, the program starts every year in October (winter semester).
  • What is the best time for application?

    The application period can be found here.
  • Does Clausthal University offer scholarships?

    Unfortunately we cannot offer scholarships. Please check the pages of DAAD, for potential scholarships.
  • Do I have to send my original documents?

    No, please do not send your original documents! A certified copy of your documents is sufficient.


The application period for holders of a German Bachelor's degree is from 15.04 - 15.10

For applicants with a non-German Bachelor's degree, the application period is from 15.04 - 15.05 

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