areas of research

Reservoir Engineering

Rock Physic:

  • Pore fluid in sedimentary rock and crystalline rock
  • Determination of capillary pressure and effective Permeability of low permeable reservoir and barrier rock
  • NMR-Relaxometry and fluid saturation ((Swc, Sgc, pc)
  • CT-analysis of micro-jointed rock  

Reservoir process simulation:

  • Up-scaling method
  • Computer based history matching
  • Multiphase flow process
  • Reservoir production improve method  

Process inspection for improvement of KW-promotion:

  • Water barrier in gas probe
  • Halit scale instruction in gas probe
  • Polymer and tenside flood process
  • Triaxial permeameter (230 MPa axial, 160 MPa radial, 200 °C)
  • Core flood direction for CO2-Flood (35 MPa, 150 °C)  

Analysis of reservoir probe treatment:

  • HPLC
  • Gas chromatography
  • Coulometer
  • Viscometer
  • AAS  

Simulation hardware:

  • 3 workstations
  • 10 personal computer network  

Simulation software:

  • Simulation of black oil system and compositional system (ECLIPSE)
  • Geo-Model Builder (PETREL)
  • Program for pressure test evaluation (PanSystem, Interpret/2)
  • Fracture simulation (FRACPRO)
  • Rock Mechanics Option ECLIPSE
  • CMG-Software (e.g. Stars, etc.)
  • Material balance Model from Petroleum expert (MBAL, Prosper, Gap)
  • Oilfield Manager (Data Analysis)



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