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2011/95Zhang, Qian 10.01.2011State of the art on EOR research applicable to Daqing oil Field
2010/94Zhang, Yamei 02.12.2010             gesp. Abt. REUncertainty Study of a Mature Oil Field
2010/93Azam, Muhammad Faraz 25.11.2010   gesp. Abt. REA Modeling Study of Surfactant and Surfactant-Polymer Flooding in Bramberge Reservoir
2010/92Sohal, Muhammad Adeel Nasser 24.11.2010Investigation of EOR Methods for Valendis Reservoir of Suderbruch Oil Field
2010/91Dewi, Yulia Sari 16.11.2010Reservoir Performance Prediction of Minas Area X Using Petroleum Experts MBAL Software
2010/90Rao, Raza-ur-Rehman 24.11.2010 gesp. bis 01.04.2020 Abt. DPDownhole Temperature Modeling
2010/89 Ibe, Valentine Chika 29.10.2010             gesp. Abt. DPConversion Possibilities of Exploration well for Geothermal Applications
2010/88Horn, Denny 27.10.2010 gesp. bis 01.01.2016 Abt. REImpact Investigation of Matrix Acidization on Gas Wells
2010/87Krüger, Frank (Maschinenbau) 14.10.2010 gesp. CTOptimierung einer Aufwältigungs- und Bohranlage hinsichtlich Transporteinheiten, Umbau- und Rüstkosten
2010/86Khan, Awes Ahmed 27.09.2010 gesp. bis 31.12.2015 Abt. DPCharacterizing the Vertical Resolution of Magnetic Resonance While Drilling Tools with Simulation & Numerical Analysis
2010/85Nunaev, Ruslan 31.08.2010Identification of cost saving potential for shallow Tight Gas wells by using alternative drilling/construction methods
2010/84Ahmad, Shafaat 21.09.2010The Influence of Shielding in CP-Systems
2010/83Mehmood, Syed Hamza 20.09.2010              gesp. Abt. DPDrill String considerations in Ultra Deep Drilling
2010/82Ebrahimi, Arian 31.08.2010 gesp. bis 30.09.2015 Abt. DP Balanced Thru-Tubing Drilling in Depleted Gas Reservoirs in Northern Germany Using Coiled Tubing Technology
2010/81Rini, Setyati Anggara 30.08.2010A Study of Smear Effect in Casing/Liner Drilling
2010/80Raza, Imran 19.08.2010Light Weight Wellbore Concept for Enhanced Geothermal System
2010/79Wegner, Jonas 19.08.2010Opportunity Identification in a Low Permeable Carboniferous Gas Field by an Analytical Approach
2010/78Ülgen, Mert   28.07.2010             gesp. Abt. DP bisSteerable Drilling Liner in the Statfjord Field
2010/77Lababidi, Salam 22.07.2010              gesp. Abt. DP bisCasing Drilling Technology - "Application and limitation on the Mittelplate field"
2010/76Rauf, Omair   19.07.2010              gesp. Abt. DP bis 01.08.2013New Procedure for Geothermal Well Acid Stimulation
2010/75Bate, Adalbert Ojong 06.05.2010               gesp. Abt. REInvestigation of the Influence of Aquifer Rock Compaction and Heterogeneity on the Pressure Behavior/Material Balance of Gas Reservoirs using Eclipse Black Oil Simulator
2010/74Yadav, Atul   20.05.2010              gesp. b. 31.12.2061 Abt. REImprovement of Reservoir Development by 3 D Seismic Reservoir Simulation Study of an Abandoned Oil Field
2010/73Olubummo, Adewale 23.03.2010Horizontal Well Completion Optimization
2010/72Manna, Somnath 02.02.2010Effect of Long Term Cement Exposure under CO2 Environment
2010/71Wang, Fei      01.02.2010Sensitivity Analysis within Multiple Fractured Horizontal Well
2010/70Bello, Opeyemi O. 02.03.2010A Methodology for the Optimization of Rig Power Efficiency in Geothermal Applications
2010/69Quiroga, Gabriel Andres 11.02.2010Cost / benefit analysis of artificial lift techniques to dewater low pressure / marginal rate gas wells with emphasis on former application and velocity strings
2010/68Than, Zaw Min 22.01.2010Characterization of Fluid-Rock Interaction in Geothermal Systems
2010/67Besua, Clive Etapo 19.01.2010Acceptable Storage Conditions and Effects of Impurities on Carbon dioxide Storage Processes

Arif, Abdul      10.12.2009              gesp. Abt. LST

Development of Screening Criteria for EOR Method Selection with Focus on Oil Reservoirs in Germany
2009/65Etim, Elvis Etta 10.12.2009              gesp. ABT EGVT-46 Rig Move Optimisation: A Swarm Intelligence Approach For a Batch Drilling Process
2009/64Niu, Dongdong 08.12.2009Simplification Strategies for Simulation of Complex and Extended Natural Gas Transmission Grids
2009/63Voskresenskaya, Elena 27.10.2009Potential Application of Floating Liquefied Natural Gas To Expand RWE Dea´s Upstream Portfolio
2009/62Bai, Mingxing 15.10.2009Investigation of Water-Rock Interaction in Geothermal System
2009/61Yahya, Muhammad A. 12.11.2009Performance Comparison of Reservoir Simulation Models at Different Scales Using the 10th SPE Comparative Solution Project
2009/60Saeed, Khaver 06.11.2009       Quantitative Analysis of the Effectiveness of Hydraulic Fracture Treatments for Rotliegend Gas Production Wells
2009/59Desai, Dhaval            13. Oktober 2009    gesp. Abt. LSTDevelopment and Application of a Systematic Procedure to Evaluate EOR Potential in Mature Oil Fields
2009/58Mirza, Farhath Abbas 17.11.2009Short term maintenance of gas distribution network
2009/57Rathod, Manish 05.11.2009Investigation of casing cementation in wells with a special consideration of the cementation in salt zone
2009/56Ajala, Olawale Ibrahim 02.11.2009Formulation and Development of a 2-Phase, 1-D Fluid-Flow Reservoir Simulator
2009/55Ogezi, Oja Francis 25.09.2009             gesp. Abt. LSTIdentifications of Relative Permeability Functions from Core Experiments using Analytical and Numerical Methods
2009/54Castro Rodriguez, A. 28.09.2009Comparison of aluminium and steel drill pipe for drilling applications
2009/53Kayode, Elijah Adeniyi 29.09.2009Comprehensive Overview of Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Threaded Connections and Make-up Torque Standards and Recommendations
2009/52Ndamb Nguidjol, Nicolas 24.09.2009A Comprehensive Review of Top Drive Systems used in Oil and Gas Industry
2009/51Hidayat Hidayat 24.09.2009Prediction of Corrosion Rate and Its Affecting Factors on Surface Casing
2009/50Meshkov, Dmitry 05.07.2009The comparison of the layout scenarios of the high pressure natural gas transmission system in the territory of the Czech Republic
2009/49Marin Casanova, E. 21.04.2009Analysis of change in simulation models over long period of production response from the reservoir
2009/48Ashirov, Aidos 16.04.2009Geologisch-technologischer Förderungsplan einer Sauergaslagerstätte in Zentralasien zwecks wirtschaftlicher Optimierung
2009/47Petersen, Malte 07.04.2009             gesp. Abt. EGVWell Integrity Investigation
2009/46Mokhtari, Yousef 01.01.2009Concept of a monitoring program for CO2 storage
2009/45Akinsinde, Folasade I. 03.02.2009A Study of Thermal-Hydrodynamic Behaviour in Geothermal Wells and Its Impact on the Stuctural Intergity of Casings
2008/44Khan, Irfan Ullah 31.04.2008             gesp. Abt. LSTPilot reservoir study to elaborate experience with the coupled use of the Rock data Catalogue (RDC) and the ECLIPSE with emphases on Uncertainty Reduction of Input Data to improve the Reservoir Model and History Matching
2008/43Kamenov, Ruslan
Well Construction Costs and Technology to reduce them
2008/42Yadav, Abhijeet
27.11.2008 -
gesperrt  Abt. LST
Impact of Rock Compaction on Nord Hannover Gas Field
2008/41Kelting, geb.Siahaan, R.
05.12.2008 -
gesperrt  Abt. EGV
Definition of Operational Limitation of NMR-While-Drilling Tools under special Consideration of Vertical Resolution
2008/40Christoffers, Amjad
11.12.2008 -
gesperrt Abt. EGV
Untersuchung der Wirtschaftlichkeit einer Sammelleitung zur Einspeisung von Biogas in ein Transportsystem       (angefertigt bei Prof. Homann, RWE)
2008/39Yadav, Abhijeet B.
15.12.2008 -
gesperrt Abt. LST
Impact of Rock Compaction of Nord Hannover Gas Field
2008/38Wehling, Pascal
Wellbore Cement Integrity Testing – Accelerated Life Test in a Large Scale , Annular Geometry Cement Test Center Prototype
2008/37Li, Bo
Parameters That Influence Temperature of Natural Gas Pipelines
2008/36Kesse, Emmanuel Kwame
17.10.2008 -
gesperrt Abt. LST
Optimization of Post Fracture Production of Low Permeable Gas-Condensate Reservoirs
2008/35Okeke Oneyekachukwu, H.
06.10.2008 -
gesperrt  bis Okt. 2023/ Abt. EGV
Probabilistic Analysis of a Motor Control Unit as Part of the All Electric Subsea Control Module
2008/34Schlichting, Freya
29.09.2008 -
gesperrt Abt. EGV
Field Development Concepts for the Julius Field in the German North Sea
2008/33Mukherjee, Soujatya
04.09.2008 -
gesperrt  Abt. LST
Conceptual Studies and Design of Bockstedt Bio-Polymer Pilot
2008/32Hassaa n, Ali
02.09.2008 -
gesperrt Abt. LST
Improvement of Production Performance from Low-Permeability Reservoirs
2008/31Lin, Li
18.08.2008 -
gesperrt Abt. LST
Optimization of Number and Location of Wells for an Underground Gas Storage Project
2008/30Perozo Baptista, Nelson
Natural Gas Compression – Justified selection of compressors and drivers for dedicated operating duties
2008/29Saleh, Mohammed Asaad
Electrodeposition of Chromium from CR (III) Containing Ionic Liquid on Mild Steel
Namiq, Muhammad Ali 12.02.2008Case studies of hydraulic fracture propagation in sandstone using analytical models
Tchouka Singh, Arron A. 13.12.07Data compilation and critical interpretation of earthquakes induced by reservoir stimulation Lessons learned for the Basel Deep Heat Mining project in Switzerland
Kingsley, Imo  30.11.2007A Study of Casing Drilling Induced Loads
Patil, Yogeshwar 29.11.2007Redevelopment of Offenburg oilfield using Slant Well drilling Technology
Bajbouj, Anas   28.09.2007Optimizing Drilling Parameters for Better Hole Stability in Oseberg Sor
Issa, Ali Hassan   07.08.2007 - gesperrt bis 2010 EGVCost-Benefit analysis for pipe material at different pressure levels and different coatings
Pulikotil James, Shiny R. 02.10.2007Evaluation of Matrix Acidizing Treatments in Selected Rotliegendes Gas Wells
Saputra, Eky     02.10.2007Optional Strategies of Water Disposal System in Ruehlermoor and Meppen-Schwefingen Oil Fields
Ifeacho, Maximus Obi 29.09.2007 - gesperrt EGVTechnologies for a 20,000 psi Subsea Control Module
Mohammad, Muntasar S. 13.09.2007 - gesperrt bis 2027 EGVAccuracy and Precision of Downhole Porosity Measurement
Dhorje, Dhananjay R. 07.08.2007Review of the Drilling Management Process in the UKCS Southern Gas Basin to optimize the Drilling Performance with Particular reference to the Rotliegend Babbage & Johnston Field Developments
Shah, Khurram Abbas 08.02.2007Case Studies of Wellbore Stability in Shale
Iqbal, Javied
gesperrt EGV/LT
Seal Efficiency of Cap Rock in Stenlille Gas Storage

Wagner, René 31.10.2006 gesperrt bis 01.01.2014Application of Subsea Processing Technology for the Development of the Noatun Field in the Norwegian Sea
Kshirsagar, Atul 14.11.2006Modelling of Anomalies in the Wellbore Storage of Pressure Buildup Tests
Baloch, Shahid Ali 10.11.2006Studying the Performance of Horizontal and Vertical Wells of Mittelplate Oil Field by Coupling of Reservoir and Wellbore Model
Alwan, Abdulmalik 20.10.2006Simulation Study of CO2-Injection Strategies for Enhanced Gas Recovery in a Mature Buntsandstein Gas Field
Shinde, Shivaji Sachin 17.10.2006CO2 Sequestion and Enhanced Gas Recovery-Well Integrity for safe Operation and Storage
Houri, Tamim 13.10.2006Determination of Abandonment Pressure in Water producing Gas Reservoirs
Mao, Changhui 09.09.2006   gesperrt bis 30.09.2011Risk Assessment in Gas Transport
Aldaz Cifuentes, Santiago 25.09.2006Developing a New Small Scale Testing Device and Method for Thread Compounds Friction Coefficient Evaluation
Marques Bonilla, Gerardo 31.08.2006Sour Gas Pipeline Integrity Management in EMPG Evaluation of a New Operating Concept Considering Real-Time Dew Point Measurement
Joshi, Sidhartha  31.08.2006Test of Toolface Measurement for an Electrical Imager
Patil, Parimal Arjun  31.08.2006Investigation of Oil Based Mud Electrical Properties
Agbovi, Kelvin Komla 22.08.2006Definition of Service Deliverables for MagTrakTM - Magnetic Resonance While Drilling
Azeem Khan, Farrukh 04.08.2006               gesperrt EGV bis 31.08.2011Competition of transit pipelines in East European countries and the perspective utilization of Czech gas infrastructure
Mangkusasono, Henry 12.07.2006Alternative Driver concepts for Centrifugal Compressors in the Gas Transmission Service
Ehmid, Masoud May 2006Decline curve analysis and application to predict Production and reserves for (xx) Reservoir

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