E-Learning with IPIMS

E-Learning with IPIMS
(International Petroleum Industry Multimedia System)

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The Center for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education (ZHD) at Clausthal University of Technology offers 10 licenses for the E-Learning System IPIMS, which offers a lot of modules covering areas related to Petroleum Engineering:


  • Petroleum Geoscience
  • Petroleum Engineering (Reservoir Eng., Drilling, Production)
  • Formation Evaluation

Accounts are available for students of Bachelor/Master Petroleum Engineering. You have to be aware that the university pays a high amount of money for the accounts. So we expect that the system is used on a regular basis and usage will be checked. Additionally if you get a license you have to give feedback on a regular basis.

Students, who are interested in getting an account, should send an email to the address below with the following data:

  • Name
  • First name
  • Study course
  • University email address
  • Copy of the matriculation certificate

In case there are more students interested than licences, there will be a waiting list. 



Dr. Claudia Pawellek

Center for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

Clausthal University of Technology

Phone: 05323-72-5017


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