Offer for a Master thesis

Possible future uses for old pipelines used to transport natural gas 

Focus of the work: 

Hundreds of km of steel pipelines with diameters between 250 – 1000 mm previously used to transport natural gas in Germany will not be needed anymore. The idea is to formulate options for the posterior usage of these pipelines to avoid their decommissioning / removal. 


The work will have to be updated and presented in a company which is the Network Operator and owns the pipelines, reason why the student has to speak German and English. 


If interested, please contact: 

Dr.-Ing. Nelson PerozoProf. Dr.-Ing. Joachim Oppelt 
Institut für Erdöl- und ErdgastechnikInstitut für Erdöl- und Erdgastechnik
Tel: (49) 5323-722288Tel: (49) 5323-722450
Email: Email: 


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