TU Clausthal Presence at the 79th EAGE Conference & Exhibition 2017 – Paris

The Institute of Petroleum Engineering was well represented at this year’s European Association of Geoscientists and Engineers (EAGE) in Paris in June.

Different technical papers were presented by students and scientific researchers from TU Clausthal. Joshua Siwert presented the paper “Additional Oil Recovery by the Elongational behaviour of Polymers used for EOR Applications, Alexander Rock presented “Advanced Flow Behavior Characterization of Enhanced Oil Recovery Polymers Using Glass-silicon-glass Micromodels that Resemble Porous Media”, Dr.-Ing. J. Wegner presented "Rock-on-a-Chip" Devices for High P, T Conditions and Wettability Control for the Screening of EOR Chemicals”, Mr. S. Z. Sinaga presented “Workflow of Well pressure profile prediction based on Seismic and drilling data – Case Study Field Y”, Mr. S. Hikmahtiar presented “Porosity distribution estimation based on seismic inversion and multiattribute seismic”, Dr.-Ing. R. Hincapie presented “Comprehensive Evaluation of the EOR Polymer Viscoelastic Phenomenon at Low Reynolds Number”, and Mr. M. Tahir presented “Experimental Evaluation of Polymer Viscoelasticity during Flow in Porous Media: Elongational and Shear Analysis”.

The picture below was taken by Wintershall, who had a la.rge booth at the Exhibition floor

Picture:  Back row - Left to right) Alexander Rock, Joshua Siwert, Dr.-Ing. Jonas Wegner, Prof. Dr. Leonhard Ganzer, Samuel Z. Sinaga (Front row - Left to right) Syouma Hikmahtiar, Dr.-Ing. Rafael Hincapie, Muhammad Tahir

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