Math2Market GmbH’s donation of 14 GeoDict software academic licenses

We are pleased to announce Math2Market GmbH’s donation of 14 GeoDict software academic licenses for the duration of the winter semester 2016/2017. The donation of the pore-scale modeling software GeoDict enables petroleum engineering students at Clausthal University of Technology to access state of the art technologies for “Digital Rock Physics” (DRP). In addition, GeoDict will be an integral part of the lecture “Advanced Rock Physics” that combines teaching of the required “Digital Rock Physics” theory and hands-on training of using GeoDict for oil and gas applications.

Math2Market develops the software GeoDict and has designed its DRP suite for the specific needs of the Oil & Gas industry's E&P sector. Including imaging capabilities, GeoDict enables performing the entire DRP workflow in-house as an alternative to service providers solutions.

GeoDict is used by Geoscientists around the globe to determine the physical properties of rock samples in an efficient and profitable way. The software allows to compute a broad range of DRP parameters and offers various tools for workflow automation. With its unmatched fast runtimes and low hardware requirements, GeoDict is designed to bridge the gap between “hand-made” and automated generation of DRP data.


For details on GeoDict see 

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