ITE-Team participated in the 23rd Campus Run

May 23rd – On a hot and sunny Wednesday the 23. Campuslauf took place on the Campus of our University. The SPE Student Chapter Team started as the largest team with an incredible 58 participants of which 8 ran the 14 km long Performance run. But that’s not the only fact making us proud, because Björn Malmei, the 4th Semester Bachelor petroleum engineering Student, won the performance run in a stunning time of 55:01 minutes.
Everybody was enthusiastic to participate, we even motivated some employees and assistants from the ITE to take the chance to get away from the desk/workplace and enjoy the beautiful weather either in the form of being active and run or just enjoy the great atmosphere on the Campus with a cold beer and a steak.
As the largest team we earned 2 cases of beer, everybody was craving a nice and cold brew after that exhausting run, but unfortunately it was stored in a uncooled trailer so it was way too warm. Nevertheless it was an amazing and fun day and a comprehensive victory overall.
Thanks to all students, professors und employees for the such a great day and putting such a big team together.


More pictures here:

Nachrichtenalter: 31.05.2012 14:18


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