Invitation for Webinar: "Let Geophysics Map Your Success - LWD for Well Optimization in Unconventional Reservoirs”

Nachrichtenalter: 07.12.2012

GS-SPE announced a webinar about LWD. For details and registration visit this link. A computer for this webinar can be set up at the ITE if ...[mehr]

Herriot Watt Group Project 2013

Nachrichtenalter: 04.11.2012

In 2013, the Herriot Watt University will provide the opportunity to attend their field development group projects for up to two Clausthal master ...[mehr]

Well Test Interpretation

Nachrichtenalter: 20.09.2012

Kurs “Well Test Interpretation” am  26.-29. November 2012 Der Basics-Kurs „Well Test Interpretation“ wird in der Zeit von  26.-29. ...[mehr]

Summer School Info

Nachrichtenalter: 07.09.2012

The summer school will take place on Monday in the Institute of Petroleum Engineering (Agricolastrasse 10, 38678 Clausthal-Zellerfeld) in room ...[mehr]

Neues vom Gulliver-Mast am ITE

Nachrichtenalter: 06.08.2012

Am 01. August 2012 ging der ITE-Bohrturm in das Eigentum der in Clausthal ansässigen Anton-Raky-Gesellschaft (ARG) über. Nach aufwändiger ...[mehr]


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